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Gap Closure

Dentist in Cambridg

Everyone wants a nice smile. So much more now where aesthetics is desirable and more in the reach of not just Hollywood stars but regular people like you and I. Everyone deserves a nice smile and more importantly good healthy oral hygiene.

A good improvement to your smile doesn’t always have to be expensive or by getting veneers. Simple tooth bleaching with composite build up which is minimally invasive can transform your smile. Composite as a filling material has come a long way and the quality of the material and technique has improved so much over the years. For this reason, rebuilding a broken tooth to look natural and aesthetically pleasant without the need to crown the tooth or place veneers is achievable using composite. 


It is important to state that with composite, regular polishing and maintenance is key to prolonging the aesthetic outcome and this should be factored in.


Here’s an example of a case where the patient had a gap between her upper front teeth. A meticulous placement of composite filling closed the gap without having to cut her teeth for veneer placement. In this case, the patient did not want to have bleaching done because she was happy with the shade of her teeth.

Dentist in Cambridge
Dentist in Cambridge

The patient was very happy with the outcome and has embraced the maintenance requirements. She is aware that future repair or replacement may be required but she is happy that she didn’t have to irreversibly cut her tooth to place a crown or veneer to achieve this result.

Write up and Clinical treatment done by Dr Funmi Sijuwade BDS, (Lagos), MSc (Manchester).

Dr Funmi Sijuwade is one of the Dental surgeons with special interest in aesthetic dentistry especially with the use of composite filling to achieve good aesthetic outcomes. She has a masters’ degree in restorative and aesthetic dentistry from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

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