Fees at Cherry Hinton Dental

Our fees reflect excellent value for the quality care and treatment we offer.


We will make a treatment plan detailing the cost of treatment including those treatments that are not listed here so you know exactly what you’ll be paying before treatment begins. You can see a list of our main prices below. A full price list is always available on request for you to see when you visit our practice. We accept dental insurance from either your work/ company or personal dental insurance.

Kindly give us 48hrs notice if you want to cancel your appointment. This gives other patients the opportunity to be seen on time.

Please contact us for further information.

Please note you may be asked to pay for your treatment or at least a deposit in advance before booking an appointment and if you don't show up or cancel late, a fee would be deducted from your deposit


Due to the pandemic and the need for additional protection for our patients and staff, we have had to acquire new required PPE.

PPE is a precious resource (especially currently) and as a result the amount we spend on required PPE has increase substantially. Due to the cost of PPE, we have no option but to pass most of it onto our patients, hopefully only temporarily. We however don’t want to increase the cost of our services exponentially to reflect this as we have always been open and honest with our patients and don’t want to hide any extra costs, instead we would like to introduce a surcharge per appointment.

We have separated it into 2 levels as advised by our regulatory bodies:

  • PPE for routine examination only: £8 per appointment

  • PPE for Scaling and polishing, hygienist treatment and all other treatments including temporary dressings (these include all aerosol and non-aerosol generating procedures): £16 per appointment

Sample Prices

New Patient Consultation (Or If Last Appointment Over Two Years Ago)


Routine Dental Examniation


Consultation by Prosthodontist (DR Kevin Esplin)



£14.50 each

Implant Fees

From £2,500.00

Hygiene Session

From £49.50

Small White Filling

From £97.00

Large White Filling

From £170.00


From £635.00


From £635.00

Root Canal Treatment

From £435.00

Partial Denture

From £750.00

Failure to attend your appointment or late cancellation will attract a charge.